Make YOUR home a well being OASIS with
“Waterfit water treatment including water vitalization”
optimizes costs, more leisure time, joy, energy AND wellness
Waterfit. Better for You. House. Garden. Leisure time.

* Optimize water

* Optimize hard water

* Optimize energy

* Optimize energy efficiency

* More time, joy and fun

* Water. Fit. Energy. Life.

Waterfit THE water treatment

Waterfit. Gives you the vitality you need.

Waterfit. And your home will be your feel good oasis.

Waterfit. At home. At last.

Waterfit … more time for you, more leisure time
Waterfit … for a better life
Waterfit … is outstanding, I want it too

Also in the case of hard water WITHOUT maintenance, WITHOUT operating costs, WITHOUT follow-up costs.

Easier, faster and cheaper cleansing. Save 30 % or more detergents and cleaning costs.

Waterfit. More Time. More fun and living and water and life quality.

Waterfit Triple A: Extraordinary. Persistently. Attractive.

Do yourself something good !



And the joy of living is increasing. That‘s for sure.

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