Waterfit advantages

Waterfit … for the very most important place in the world: your home and where else it makes sense

Waterfit makes your home a feel good oasis.
Waterfit. At home. At last.

More. Value. Waterfit.
Good. Better. Waterfit.
Sanity + Feeling = Waterfit.

Carpe diem … use and enjoy the day with Waterfit
Waterfit … does good
Waterfit … I want it too
Waterfit … because it is better
Waterfit … the value added product
Waterfit … acts phenomenal:

  Waterfit´s demonstrably increased water quality, from
both the biological and technical standpoints means:


increased quality of life
increased energy balance
increased oxygen content
– approaching to the quality of spring waters
– minimized lime deposits and greatest
possible physical protection against lime
deposits in pipes, conduits and appliances,
dismantling of existing lime deposits,
for buildings it means increase in value and
conservation of value
more information about Waterfit and lime in the water

without maintenance, without maintenance costs
without chemicals, without salt, without dissimilar taste
without electricity, without electromagnetic pollution, without electric smog
without follow-up costs
reliable, sustainable, ecological
benefits for nature, because at some point each water flows
back to nature, 
possibly through a channel or a sewage treatment
plant or directly into the groundwater.

We can return thus a better water to nature by Waterfit as we
usually get it from the water-pipe networks. And Waterfit will save the nature much chemistry.

Waterfit … more than you expect.

Waterfit … water treatment optimizer and lime converter
Waterfit … v
alue preservation and appreciation of your home or real estate

Waterfit … increases the quality of life

Waterfit also causes:

  improved water feeling
Not only when drunk, but also when washing, showering, bathing
and swimming !
  stimulation of the metabolism
Enjoy drinking water !
  greater water oxygen content

  increases your concentration ability and
you will feel more lusty yourself,
simply better !

  minimized deposition of lime in pipes, conduits and
domestic appliances resulting in

–  lower costs for service, cleaning and repair
–  longer life cycles of used devices
–  reduced electricity consumption
–  less frequent purchase of replacement appliances
–  reduced heating costs
–  deposits on fitting can be more easily removed

  speedier cleaning in kitchen and bathroom

  approx. 30% reduced consumption of detergents and
cleansing agents 
in households, businesses and industry

  approx. 30% less chlorination of swimming pools required
– bathing fun in the pool without red eyes
– and more pleasant swimming
– and more pleasant feeling on the skin

  greater resistance of water to microbial colonization
because of Waterfit´s special construction

  no energy costs

  no follow-up costs

  no maintenance and no maintenance costs

  no chemicals, no salt, no dissimilar taste

  only with purely physical principles

– of turbulence and magnetic technology as well as
– of the information = vibrations transmission

  partly silvered, high quality Nirosta
in addition improve the resistance of germs

  our users report also after installation of our Waterfit – devices
among other things:

–  slim line (slimming and well-being) will be promoted
–  the use of shampoos results in a nicer, more attractive and fluffier hairstyle
–  the use of creams, moisturizers and hand or body lotions can be reduced
and thus leads to savings

– they feel more alive and more sexy

Waterfit … look good & feel good
Waterfit … better for skin, body & soul
Waterfit. Reliable. Vital. Sexy.

–  animals (dogs, cats, horses etc.) rather drink our water

Waterfit … better for your pet

–  plants will become more strongly and will live longer
–  lawns and greens will become more strongly and get a more intensive green color
–  fertilizers can be reduced
–  cultivated vegetables taste better
e.g. tomatoes will become juicier and will get a more intensive red color
–  far less pests are remarkable than usually seen

Waterfit … better for nature

Where can you use your Waterfit ?

Water – nothing in particular ?

Water is far more than just the compound of hydrogen and oxygen.
Fundamental to water’s invigorating efficacy is – in addition to the dissolved minerals –
its unique ability to store biophysical information. The latter however is nearly always lost during the water’s passage from source to consumer, owing to negative environmental influences, conduits, pumps, etc.

The result: impaired vitalization properties, leading, when the water has an elevated lime content to excessive scaling in pipes and appliances, and thus to disorders of function, increased costs of maintenance and repair.

However, there is simple and highly effective means, of restoring the positive properties of water: Waterfit!

Waterfit – water vitalization and minimization of lime deposits

Water is the element of life for all humans, animals and plants.
The human organism comprises about 60-70% water, and needs water daily, about 2-3 litres.
Heat or physical exertion may increase this requirement.

Loss of the requirement for drinking water

As a person grows older, he or she experiences a reduced subjective need to drink water, independent of the body’s needs. Partial desiccation is the result, the skins becomes increasingly wrinkled. We are losing our ability for concentration, get tired, start drinking coffee etc., but after a while we are feeling more tired than before. Because e.g. coffee is known as a dehydrating drink and is getting energy out from the energy reserve of the body. The desired effect for feeling more awake will not be reached more frequently. But this desired effect for feeling more awake can be achieved by vitalized water.

Hence, water over and above the thirst-linked requirement to drink should be supplied to the body.

No good Waterfit water available nearby ? Fruit juice as an alternative ? Doctors have found out in extensive studies that fruit juices increase the risk of gout, so the accumulation of uric acid in blood and tissues. With consequences such as pain in joints and kidney problems for men and women. Already a sweetened soft drink per day increases the risk of gout by approximately 70-85%.So why are we drinking too little water ? Doctors have found out that the body recognizes what is good for him and what is not. With classic tap water the body needs additional power to handle this water. So he refuses it and does not require it.

Why is it so ? Natural spring water loses its vital properties in transit from source to consumer. Forced into straight-lined piping, the water’s natural tendency to swirl is suppressed. Furthermore, because of pumps water loses its natural crystal structure. Waterfit is constructed to counteract this loss of water quality as far as possible.

By the way: our users also report that animals such as dogs, cats, horses etc. prefer our energized water. Why? You cannot affect animals, they just instinctively know what is good for them. Man has filed already (unfortunately) many of his instincts. So it is harder for him to recognize good water. Waterfit can help.

Waterfit spends its time onto the maintenance and progression of water quality.

Where can you use your Waterfit ?

“Start now living and count each day as an own life.”
Seneca (Roman philosopher, approx. 1-65 a.Chr.)

Waterfit … is simply more valuable
Waterfit … I want it too
Waterfit … because it´s better
Waterfit … because it´s better for me
Waterfit … because it´s better for you
Waterfit … because it´s better for us
Waterfit … for a better life

Waterfit … makes me happy
Waterfit … because I am valuable

More. Value. Waterfit.
Good. Better. Waterfit.
Sanity + Feeling = Waterfit.

Waterfit and Waterfit Air Shower
… upgrade your home into a wellness oasis …
… and save costs at the same time …
… and you will get our environmental bonus.

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