General Advantages
Water optimization, water stimulation, water vitalization, better feeling while drinking, bathing, showering etc., better on your skin, increased oxygen content in the water, suggestion of the metabolism, calcification minimization and physical lime protection, without chemistry, without salt, without salty taste, without electricity, without costs of electricity, without maintenance, without maintenance costs, without (monthly) follow-up costs !

Reduce your detergent usage and costs by 30% or more !
Clean more easily and quickly !
Get more leisure time !

Protect the environment and you will be rewarded here !

Value preservation and appreciation of your home or real estate !

 Apartment, house, complex of residential buildings, swimming pool

Specific advantages
: Wasser Energie
vitalized, refreshing water, better ability for concentration, savings due to minimization of lime deposits, less detergents, less time needs, lower heating costs, less chlorination needed, cultivated vegetables taste better e.g. tomatoes will become juicier and will get a more intensive red color

 Hotel, gastronomy
Specific advantages:
please see above and additional sales, because guests feel better and will book and rebook your hotel more often

 Horticulture, agriculture

Specific advantages:
better growth of plants, less pests, better qualityTrinkwasser

 Golf course

Specific advantages:
more beautiful, closer, stronger, greener lawns and greens, divots regenerate faster, fertilizers work better, less pests


Specific advantages:
less detergents neededVerkalkungsminimierung

 Trade, industry

Specific advantages:
please see above and dependent on the requirement

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