Water optimization, minimization of lime deposits, cost and time savings


 is the source, from which “soft” water flows

At last an end to problems with persistent lime deposits (scale)! A specific magnetization technology incorporated in Waterfit transforms calcite (crystals of which are larger, and can precipitate to the detriment of water piping) into aragonite, which forms smaller crystals with a much lower propensity to be deposited, and are instead flushed out with the tap water. This water has a better “feel”, whether drunk or used for washing and showering.

Advice: Experience the difference ! Waterfit is something good !

Result: the natural lime transformation of Waterfit protects your equipment, your water pipes, our all environment and last but not least the purse.
In addition Waterfit water simply feels better.

is a source of economy

Waterfit saves service, maintenance, cleaning, repairs and new equipment costs,


Waterfit prolongs the life of your devices which come into contact with water,


Waterfit saves detergent and cleaning chemicals (30% or more !) and


Waterfit saves time (by faster cleaning etc.) !

Advice: Save and grant yourselves somewhat you like: quality of life, holidays, shopping, … ! Waterfit is something good !

Result: Waterfit makes fun.

 functions like a fresh spring

Waterfit is simply installed in the water main behind the water gauge, or behind the water filter if the water supply is filtered Waterfit. Here it exerts its positive effect without chemical additives and independently of an energy supply. Water flowing through the Waterfit appliance is regenerated, revitalized, activated and optimized.

Advice: Start in the mornings with 2 glass of Waterfit water, because your body loses during the night by natural breathing and sweating water and and you will begin the day more in a lively manner. Drink something good !

Result: high-performance electrical and chemical communication between brain and nervous system. Efficient storage and retrieval of information.
Waterfit makes you feeling more alive and fresh. And you will feel much better.


is like a spring you like to drink from

The quality of Waterfit-treated water is evident not only through its “softness”: it also tastes better. This is water to be enjoyed. Many users report an improved taste of drinks made with Waterfit-treated water, whether mixed with fruit juices or in tea, coffee etc.

Advice: Drink regularly our encouraged Waterfit water and you will drink water gladly again. Drink something good !

Result: Waterfit means more pleasure.

And you will feel much more comfortable.

is a spring of well-being

Vitalized water stores a multiplicity of information which is then available to the organism. Waterfit restores this vigour to water. Ingenious swirling and magnetic technologies, coupled with the passage of the water past selected frequency technology result in the natural energizing of the water such that its quality approaches that of fresh spring water.

Advice: Drink regularly our encouraged Waterfit water and you will want to drink it again and again. Drink something good !

Result: Waterfit causes water with more power. And you will feel much more comfortable.


mature technology in a compact, space-saving design

Waterfit is the step into the future of water activation technology. Innovation, precision and great efficacy in a compact form which can be quickly installed without requiring excessive space.

Advice: Consult us, we shall be happy to advise you !

Result: You will be amazed.

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