Water becomes less and less and from there more expensively.
Water optimization to
protect the envirnonment.
Water savings without loss of quality, but at higher quality.

Energy becomes less and less and from there more expensively.
Energy optimization to protect the environment.
Energy savings without loss of quality, but at higher quality:

Ensatec has the right products for you:

Waterfit and Waterfit Air Shower …
… upgrade your home into a wellness oasis …
… and save costs at the same time …

Waterfit Air Shower = Ecoturbino

The better and vitalizing shower

and save approx. € 60,- or more per person per year !


Reliable. Sustainable. Ecological.

TrinkwasserWaterfit Air Shower Logowith Waterfit Air Shower you will optimize and save water, energy and costs without loss of quality and without loss of comfort.

And with Waterfit Air Shower you will get a higher showering quality and a more pleasant, comforting showering feeling.

Why ? Because our products mix air in the water. More advantages of this successful patented product you will find below.

Hotels of all categories, companies, recreational facilities, private persons etc. successfully use Waterfit Air Shower.

Water is one of the most precious goods which we have. Water is our most important food. We consist of about 2/3 of water. Without water there is no life. Unfortunately, we deal with drinking water often quite wastefully. On the average to approx. 150 litres (source: Austrian Life Ministry) needs each Austrian per day of it. Which many do not know: approx. 91 litres water of it runs for showers, bathing and toilet rinse through the lines. For cooking and drinking approx. 3 litres water per day are used. In the last years water saving as an important topic moved more strongly into our consciousness. In addition, apart from the environmental aspect the economic aspect plays an increasingly important role. For big consumers anyway, in addition for the individual households. The rising costs on the one hand of the energy for warm water preparation and on the other hand for the waste water disposal give water saving lift to the topic. More advantages you will find below.

1 m ³ warm water (1,000 litres) costs inclusive all fees to the final consumer for example in Vienna at present approx. € 7,00. With a daily water consumption of approx. 150 litres there are water costs of approx. € 300 per person per year.

How can the water costs and energy costs be reduced?
With our water enjoyer you can save water and thus cash money without high capital outlays and without large assembly expenditure at each showering. And at the same time you will preserve the environment.

How does it function ?

For your hand shower, rainshower and most wall showers: set Waterfit Air Shower between the shower water mixer tap and the flexible hose

Waterfit Air Shower for hand shower
Air is mixed by use of the Venturi Principle in the water, the water jet is enriched with air/oxygen and is strong and encouraging. The shower water jet works more strongly than it actual is.

With the taking out of water the water is accelerated by narrowing of the diameter. At the end of the funnel an underpressure develops, by which over a bypass air is sucked in and mixed with the water. The volume of the water enriched with air is increased thereby. Despite a water saving of on the average 30% no comfort loss is noticeable while showering. The shower feeling is more pleasant and the water is perceived as soft. Additionally, also in the same extent energy is saved, since fewer warm water must be prepared. Also wastewater will be saved accordingly.

We summarize:

* at least 30% fresh water
* at least 30% warm water preparation costs
* at least 30% waste water costs
* at least 30% CO2 emissions will be saved and …

… you will further experience and enjoy:

* effect by air interchange (perceptibly softer water)

* longer life cycle of shower head and shower hose

* contribution to hygiene

* minimization of calcium deposits

* also existing calcium deposits will be dismantled

* reduction of system loads simultaneous when using several taking out water places
(rush hours)

* short amortization period of approx. 3 – 6 months

* quick assembly (retrofit or initial assembly): installed in 1 minute

* sucessfully operating in hotels of all hotel categories, sports sites, hospitals, old people´s
homes, youth homes, companies, private homes etc.
e.g. Hotel Sacher Vienna, Hotel Am Stephansplatz Vienna, Hotel Das Opernring Vienna, Hotel Kempinski Vienna, Hotel Mercure Secession Vienna, Seminarhotel Don Bosco Vienna, Landhaus Fuhrgassl-Huber Vienna, Hotel Ibis Schwechat, Hotel Deininger Fischamend, Topmotel Ybbs/Donau, Camping Vienna, Hospital SMZ East Vienna, Pensionversicherungsanstalt PVA Felbring, Pflegeheim Laetitia Graz-Kalsdorf, Hotel Sonneck Rohrmoos, Hotel Interalpen Seefeld, Hotel Berghof Neustift im Stubaital, Hotel Marché Techelsberg Wörthersee, Grand Hotel Metropol Portoroz etc.

* examined by TÜV Austria

* a contribution to climate protection: water and energy reasonably use, CO2 will be saved

a 7 minute daily shower i.e. per showering procedure per person:

Waterfit Air Shower
: 1 shower = approx. 70 litres water
With Waterfit Air Shower:      1 shower = approx. 49 litres water

Waterfit Air Shower brings:
at least 30% water saving and the following annual CO2 – saving:
with electricity 151 kg CO2e
with gas 263 kg CO2e
with long-distance heating 230 kg CO2e

With Waterfit Air Shower you can save approx. € 60,- or more per person per year !

Without loss of comfort ! Safe. Reliable.

We offer free comparison test demonstrations without/with our waterenjoyer/watersaver for larger customers, companies, hotels etc. according to date agreement.

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Waterfit and Waterfit Air Shower …
… upgrade your home into a wellness oasis …
… and save costs at the same time …

Water is a food and too bad to waste

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