With Waterfit hard water or lime in the water is no longer a problem

With Waterfit hard water or lime in the water is no longer a problem.

Waterfit increases the living comfort ! Faster and easier cleaning !

Waterfit. Minimization of costs.

Waterfit. Water can be so good !

Waterfit. Reliable. Sustainable. Ecological. Without any following costs.

Waterfit, the successful and internationally awarded lime converter without electricity, without electromagnetic pollution, without electric smog, without chemicals, without salt, without dissimilar taste, without maintenance, without maintenance costs and without any follow-up costs.

Waterfit stands for minimization of lime deposits and physical protection against lime deposits. Waterfit dismantles existing lime deposits as well. Waterfit can be installed easily and quickly into your water system.

Waterfit is better than a water softening system or a classic decalcification system:

because in most cases there is no additional chemistry, no additional salt and thus there are no following costs for decalcification required,

with Waterfit it is not necessary to soften the hard water: please find the many advantages of lime conversion in detail below.

Waterfit assumes the conversion of lime and approaches the biological and technical water quality to the original source water quality:

maintenance-free and without any following costs !

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Water and degrees of hardness

Water hardness is a measure of the lime content of water. Calcium and magnesium salts are responsible for hardness, which is expressed as degrees of hardness.

One German degree of hardness (1°dH) = 10 mg calcium oxide per litre of water.
One German degree of hardness (1°dH) = 10 g calcium oxide per m³ (= 1.000 litres) of water.

Hard water is not a sign of low drinking water quality, indeed the contrary is true.
Natural water (spring water or groundwater) is usually rich in minerals, especially calcium and magnesium ions. These minerals are structurally important for bones and teeth. All of us need calcium to prevent osteoporosis, the bone loss. Furthermore, calcium is important for blood coagulation. Magnesium is important for muscles and nervs. A such kind of healthy drinking water from a waterpipe saves costs and effort when buying bottled water and other beverages. Responsible for the taste of the water is the lime in the water. The taste of the water at low water hardness values is rather tasteless. Higher water hardness has a health advantage, but leads to a higher consumption of soaps and more lime deposits (electric kettle, coffee machine etc.):

Kalk im RohrThe harder the water
The harder the water, the greater the formation of scale in hot-water boilers.

This increases energy consumption andWaschmaschinen - Lebensdauer
impairs the efficacy of soap-based cleansing agents.

Degrees of hardness:

0 – 4: very soft
4 – 8: soft
8 – 12: medium hard
12 – 18: fairly hard
18 – 30: hard
> 30: very hard

What can be done against hard water ?

The classical descaling plant removes and replaces the calcium and magnesium ions, which are responsible for the hardness, by others. In principle, the ion exchanger consists of a container that is filled with fine plastic grains (excanger resin). These grains are enriched with a saline solution. Over this enriched excanger resin the hard water is passed and will be (in part) softened. To avoid the formation of rust, usually phosphate has to be used for water softening. Another disadvantage is that instead of calcium and magnesium ions, sodium ions enter into the water. That can affect the taste quality of aromatic beverages such as coffee, tea etc. While for circulation damaged persons complications as a result of the fault of the physiologically important sodium-calcium balance in the body cannot be ruled out. Also, the hygienic quality of water by seed increasing in the exchanger resin can deteriorate.

What else can be done against hard water ?

stands for innovative and environmentally friendly water treatment without maintenance, without chemicals, without salt, without dissimilar taste and without follow-up costs

Waterfit and hard water is no longer a problem

Waterfit … also dismantles existing lime deposits

Waterfit … solves the problem of hard water with its unique Waterfit swirling, magnetic and frequency technology which leads to the conversion of lime

That magnetization of water helps to remove lime deposits is indisputable in the professional world. A magnetic field that acts on running water changes the physico-chemical properties. In the path taken by the water through the Waterfit appliance, beside the swirling and the frequency technology there is a special magnetic technology which transforms the larger calcite crystals into smaller aragonite crystals which are another form of lime. These aragonite crystals can link hardly on the water pipes, are kept in balance and again washed out from the water supply. The water quality will be optimized with Waterfit, the original water hardness degree, typically measured in degrees of German hardness, remains unchanged.

The advantages of this conversion of lime are thus:
* better taste of the water, alone responsible for the taste of the water is the lime in the water

* no salt, no salt taste, no dissimilar taste of water like descaling plants
* no electricity necessary and therefore no electromagnetic pollution or electric smog

* Lime/calcium required for all our bones and teeth remains unreduced in drinking water
* the lime in-water/calcium amount/water hardness remains unchanged

* apartment, house, building, equipment, water pipes are protected by minimizing the scale
* before installation of Waterfit existing lime accumulations will be gradually degraded

* longer life time of water pipes, devices and thus lower service and device replacement costs
* longer descaling cycles of the devices and therefore lower costs

* possibility of savings with cleaning agents and detergents by approx. 30% – 50%

* save time and get more leisure time: faster cleaning of bathroom, kitchen, windows, floors, toilet, rest rooms etc. Because the lime adherent to the water drying is much easier and
* smoother, less expensive, less aggressive cleaning agents removed which in turn leads to savings

Because of forwarding the water at revitalized water and special frequency technology the water molecules get information = vibrations = energy which means that the water quality escaping from the Waterfit device is approaching to a spring source water quality.
energized water and do something good to yourself and the environment.

The crystal analysis under the microscope and analysis of chemical-physical parameters done by the well known water anyalysis institute Hagalis has proved unequivocally


that the water quality has improved technically and biologically. Many of our satisfied customers speak of a “pleasanter, softer-tasting water” whether drunk by itself, mixed with fruit juice or wine, or used to make coffee or tea, etc.

* extend with Waterfit the life period of your pipes, cables, (household) appliances etc. through the
* minimization of limescale deposits and thereby save money

* Waterfit allows maximum natural, physical protection against lime

* without chemicals, without salt, without dissimilar taste, without any follow-up costs

* no electricity necessary and therefore no electromagnetic pollution or electric smog

* reduce with Waterfit your washing and detergent quantities and

* protect therefore the environment
* and thereby save money
* enjoy the increased content of oxygen in the water
* feel fresh and more comfortable

* more benefits of Waterfit you will find here

So what to do? The problem solution:

Waterfit lime converting:


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Waterfit and Waterfit Air Shower
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… and save costs at the same time …
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