Spring water – drinking water – tap water

Fresh spring water is a vehicle of enhanced quality of life, to which it makes a high-grade contribution. But tap water has not the same quality as spring water.

Austria’s drinking water approximately half of it, is obtained from underground sources, the rest, apart from about 1% surface water, is spring water.

In other countries (e.g. Germany) a much higher proportion of drinking water is obtained from lakes and rivers, and repeatedly processed.

TrinkwasserPersons unable to obtain their water directly from a spring as source and who thus are dependent on the local drinking water supply should consider ways of improving their water quality:

piped for long distances at high pressures maintained by pumping stations, water loses its natural crystalline structure. In the opinion of many water researchers, the price paid is the loss of the life-enhancing activity of water.

For most people who wish to obtain high-quality drinking water, equivalent to spring water, from their piped water supply, there is no alternative to a fundamental processing of this water.

Filtering and swirling as prescribed by natural scientist Viktor Schauberger is usually successful. The forms in which water flows, the eddies, vortices, meanders and wave movements are, he recognized, the “authentic principle of motion” as he called it. His simple but significant perception was that “there are no straight lines in nature. ” However, the natural dynamics of water is forced into straight pipes, thereby losing its vital property. Due to the pumping plants the water loses its natural crystalline structure.

What is to be done? The solution:

Waterfit brings tap water quality back to spring water quality:


1. Waterfit – swirling technology

Higher quality of life with WaterfitWhen water flows through the Waterfit appliance it is caused to swirl which leads to the fact that water quality coming out of the Waterfit equipment approaches to the quality of spring waters. And the water crystals regain their natural 60 grade structure, full force as to the original source.

Waterfit stands for water quality

If your domestic water supply is chemically pure and therefore rated as drinking water no additional chemical treatment e.g. with a salt conditioning device is usually needed. Waterfit fulfills purely physically the restoration of the technical and biological water quality of your tap water. And thus it approaches to the original source water quality. Waterfit is not a filter system, but a catalytic converter and acts phenomenal.

Do you like to 
* enjoy vitalized water full of energy
* increase your concentration ability
* enjoy increased oxygen content of your water pipeline
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More advantages of Waterfit you will find here.

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2. Do you have hard water ? The frequently encountered problem of lime. The problem solution: Waterfit – magnet technology.

Waterfit is better than a water softening system or a classic decalcification system:

because in 9 out of 10 cases there is no additional chemistry, no additional salt and thus there are no following costs for decalcification required,

it is not necessary to soften the water:

Waterfit assumes the conversion of lime and approaches the biological and technical water quality to the original source water quality:

without any following costs ! Find out more here:

in the path taken by the water through the Waterfit appliance, beside the swirling technology there is a special magnet technology which transforms the larger calcite crystals into smaller aragonite crystals which are another form of lime. These aragonite crystals can link hardly on the water pipes, are kept in balance and again washed out from the water supply. The original water hardness degree, typically measured in degrees of German hardness, remains unchanged.



That sounds maybe fantastic, but is expression of a natural phenomenon, because:
water is more than just H2O.

The analysis done by renowned German water analyzing institute Hagalis for crystal analysis (that means “photography” via electron microscope) and for chemical-physical parameters (e.g. the evidence of increased oxygen levels in the water) has proved unequivocally with


that the water quality has improved technically and biologically. Enjoy the difference !

Many of our satisfied customers also speak of a “pleasanter, softer-tasting water” when drunk by themselves, mixed with fruit juice or wine, or used to make coffee or tea, etc.

Waterfit operates purely with natural, physical methods:

* without chemistry,
* without salt and therefore, without salty taste
* without additional energy (without electricity),
* without maintenance, without maintenance costs
* without any follow-up costs.

Here you will find a summary of the advantages of Waterfit.

The solution is Waterfit:

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