Waterfit makes your home a feel good oasis.

Waterfit. At home. At last.

Find the right Waterfit for you according to the dimension of your water pipes:

information in inches (1 inch = 2,54 cm) on tubes mostly with specified (for example: 1 inch = 1“). If you need a different dimension than those mentioned below, there will be also a solution.

All water will flow through your Waterfit. Installing of your Waterfit device has to be made into the cold water pipe close to the water meter / water clock or if available after the water filter or if available after the water reducing device or if available after the water pump.

We recommend the installation through the installer you personally trust. Some installers you will also find on Waterfit partners.
Do you have questions? We advise you gladly.

Enjoy the difference with Waterfit. Sure. Sustainable. Today and tomorrow.

 Waterfit type for


single family home           multi-family home

Waterfit sizes
1/2 inch 1 inch
2 inch
86 mm 164 mm 210 mm
 Diameter 70 mm 114 mm 168 mm
 Circumference 220 mm 359 mm 529 mm
 Weight 1,4 kg 6 kg 12 kg
 Tested to pressure 12 bar 12 bar 12 bar
 Operating pressure max. 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar
 Water flow max. 1 l / s 1,5 l/s 5 l/s
 Pressure loss max. 0,2 bar 0,2 bar 0,2 bar

Payment Austria: prepayment, pay on delivery
Payment other countries: prepayment

Waterfit and Waterfit Air Shower
… upgrade your home into a wellness oasis …
… and save costs at the same time …

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